Our mission

Funeral directors are health care professionals who serve others during a time of loss, pain and grief. The Program of Mortuary Science's mission is to skillfully combine the study of behavioral, physical and applied sciences for the goal of preparing graduates for careers as knowledgeable, skilled and innovative funeral service professionals. Program graduates will be prepared to serve bereaved members of their communities in a manner that is proficient, dignified and caring.


Of the 59 accredited programs in the United States, ours is one of only four to offer a Bachelor of Science degree, and the only program that is part of the medical school at a Big Ten university.

The Program of Mortuary Science at the University of Minnesota Medical School states as its central aims the recognition of the importance of funeral service personnel as:

  • members of a human services profession;
  • members of the community in which they serve;
  • participants in the relationship between bereaved families and those engaged in the funeral service profession;
  • professionals knowledgeable of and compliant with federal, state, provincial/territorial, and local regulatory guidelines in the geographic area where they practice;
  • professionals sensitive to the responsibility for public health, safety, and welfare in caring for human remains.


campus viewThe Program recognizes an obligation to students, the profession and the community. Its objectives have been adopted by the Program’s Advisory Board and conform with the accreditation standards set forth by the American Board of Funeral Service Education.

The objectives of the Program are:

  1. To enlarge the background and knowledge of students about the funeral service profession;
  2. To educate students in every phase of funeral service, and to help enable them to develop proficiency and skills necessary for the profession;
  3. To educate students concerning the responsibilities of the funeral service profession to the community at large;
  4. To emphasize high standards of ethical conduct;
  5. To provide a curriculum at the post-secondary level of instruction;
  6. To encourage student and faculty research in the field of funeral service;
  7. To encourage faculty and students to be advocates for the profession of funeral service.


The Mortuary Science degree program at the University of Minnesota is accredited by the American Board of Funeral Service Education (ABFSE), 992 Mantua Pike, Suite 108, Woodbury Heights, New Jersey 08097 (816) 233-3747. Web: www.abfse.org.

National Board Examination pass rates, graduation rates, and employment rates for this and other ABFSE-accredited programs are available at www.abfse.org. To request a printed copy of this program's rates, go to Program of Mortuary Science, A275-3 Mayo Memorial Building, 420 Delaware St. SE, Minneapolis, MN  55455 or by e-mail at mortsci@umn.edu, or by telephone (612) 624-6464.

For more information please visit the University of Minnesota Undergraduate Catalog.