Our Mission

Funeral directors are health care professionals who serve others during a time of loss, pain and grief. The Program of Mortuary Science's mission is to skillfully combine the study of behavioral, physical and applied sciences for the goal of preparing graduates for careers as knowledgeable, skilled and innovative funeral service professionals. Program graduates will be prepared to serve bereaved members of their communities in a manner that is proficient, dignified and caring.

Job Opportunites in Funeral Service

Full-time Funeral Director or Apprentice

DeMoss-Durdan Funeral Home & Crematory in Oregon

Full-time Funeral Director

Bell Brothers Funeral Home

Licensed Funeral Director or Intern in Mankato, Minnesota

Mankato Mortuary

Minnesota Funeral Director or Apprentice in Ortonville, Minnesota

Mundwiler & Larson Funeral Home in Ortonville, MN