Full-time, Part-time and/or On-Call positions

Date posted: 
Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Successful South Jersey funeral home seeking applicants - for immediate Full-time, Part-time and/or On-Call positions. Occasional Night and Weekend availability required. The successful candidate is a professional, well mannered, compassionate individual who is dedicated to providing continued quality service to our grieving families.

Must have:
- a fondness for Double-Checking,
- solid emotional control,
- a pleasant attitude,
- great customer service (5 Star hotel level customer service),
- a high level of pride in your work,
- the ability to interact and collaborate with others in a team atmosphere,
- the ability to lift up to 50 lbs.
- reliability & professionalism in your DNA,
- and be very detail oriented.

Responsibilities may include, but not be limited to:
Transfers, Funeral Supervision, Paperwork, Filing, Maintenance, Embalming*, Arrangements*, other funeral & office related duties, etc. *Licensed Funeral Directors only
Valid Drivers License REQUIRED. Bi-Lingual/Multi-Lingual is a PLU$. Licensed Funeral Director is a Plu$$$$$$.
Generous Regular/Overtime pay, commensurate with experience, ambition, and initiative.
If you are OK with just being ordinary, then this opportunity is not for you.

**NOTE: We have two immediate vacancies in our Funeral Firm (LICENSED FUNERAL DIRECTOR and FUNERAL STAFF ATTENDANT). Future vacancies for these and other positions may be filled from the eligible list to be established. The expected life of the eligible list is six months and it may be extended for up to 18 months (24 months total).

Job Type: Full-time
Salary: $29,000.00 /year or Significantly Greater*** (qualification/licensure dependent***)
Funeral Industry: 0-2 years
Hotel & Hospitality: 3-5 years

Please email resumes to:
Mr. J.
Mikal's Funeral Parlor
Atlantic City, NJ 08401