Mortuary Science Student Leader

The Student Leader is a matriculated mortuary science student who serves as a liaison for students in the Program to faculty, staff and program director. The Leader also is responsible for facilitating events, coordinating off-campus trips, and scheduling guest.

Our Current Student Leader is Ean Sinn; please do not hesitate to contact him at any time.

Letter from Student Leader:


Hello Everyone!

Recently I have accepted the newly made position of Mortuary Science Student Leader! I am looking forward to being a resource for anyone in our program to come to for assistance.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Ean Sinn. I am in my second semester of the program, and my second year here at the U. During my time here at school I have worked for Gearty-Delmore, and am currently working with Metro First Call. Now in this position I would like to be able to help any current student who desires help in anyway related to the program or the job field and will be available to help any former or prospective students as well.

As Dr. LuBrant said, in my role as Student Leader for the program I “will serve as a liaison between students and the Program for matters related to program policy and planning, will help organize events such as field trips and guest speaker presentations, and will serve as the lead student voice for the Program's Self Study report for re-accreditation.” So come to me with any issues you have about the program or any ways in which you think we could improve. I will also be sending a survey with some questions about the program, so please be sure to respond!

Some projects that I would like to focus on are: A tour of an alkaline hydrolysis facility; bringing in funeral directors to talk to our class about buying a business; and connecting students with data such as internship pay and job placement. Any other ideas are more than welcome.

I would like to say thanks for the opportunity, and I look forward to learning how this position will work!

Ean Sinn